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    Will a Sea-Doo LRV fit on one side of a 2 place trailer????

    I have a guy that wants to buy my LRV from me and he asked me if the ski would fit on one side of a 2 place trailer or would he have to pull 2 trailers? If anyone can tell me if it is possible to fit a LRV on a 2 place with another ski, please let me know ASAP!!!


    PS the width of the ski is 61.5" and 13' long

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    After looking at several trailers I think it depends on the trailer.

    at 62 inches wide and the average ski 42 to 47 inches and about 2 to 4 inches between the skis that would have to be about 110 inches across. I think the triton is one of the wider ones over the karavan and lite.
    hope that helps.

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    102" is as wide is legal. So based on the 61.5 and 42 you would be over if they were side by side. Might be able to raise one and lower the other and let them overlap a couple inches and get it. Most bunks are very adjustable but I really cant say for sure, so I am very little help I guess.

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    No... that helps some. I didn't think about raising one up higher to get them to fit... I will let that guy know... unless he buys a standup too!

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