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    Changing speedo to km/h?

    Hey guys, I appreciate your help. As you know, I just got an 07 GTI 155 and obviously, everything on the instrument cluster is in imperial units. However, when looking at the display in the sun, you can see the km/h and degrees celcius units are there as well. The problem is that there doesn't seem to be a button or anything to change it all. Does anybody know how to change the units to metric? I live in Canada and would like this better.

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    according to the shop manual it can only be done through the BUDS system which is the programming computer for seadoos. only "authorized" seadoo dealers have them.

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    Oh that makes sense. I'll have to get them to do it when I bring it in to be winterized. Thanks!

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    I had a similar issue with my RXP when I got it - I just had the dealer change it at the 10hr service.

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    try holding down mode button for 5sec when engine is runing i think it will change it from mph to km

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    [quote=hino06;378730]try holding down mode button for 5sec when engine is runing i think it will change it from mph to km[/quote


    Not on any 06 and up needs to be dont on buds. We dont have a mode button.

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    speedo in km/h

    I had mine switched to metric to help convince my kids to slow down. I'm in Canada too and my kids thought 55 was fun, I told them that 63 is highway speed of 100 km/h. I had the dealer switch it on the 10 hr visit. It's ironic that it's made in Canada, sold in Canada yet I had to make a trip to the dealer to get it to read speed in metric....

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