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    Who is a good machine shop to send machine work to?

    I have a 1100 that burnt a piston and broke into pices. I need to have the Crankshaft checked or maybe go ahead and rebuilt. I deffently need to bore the cylinders and maybe even resleve the cylinder that burnt the piston. It has a crack at the very bottom of the sleve that is about 1/16" long. The bore its self is not cracked, just the chanfered part of the sleve. Could this crack be welded or should I just have it re-sleved? What brand pistons should I use? I am not going to go crazzy for horse power, but maybe aftermarket reeds, flame arrester and other small items like that. There is a engine builder a few miles from where I live that goes by the name "". Has anyone delt with them or know about their quality of work? If you know of someone that does good work and for a good price, I would like to know about them.

    Thank you for the help!

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    for the crank

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