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    GPR1200 mod advice

    OK i have finally come to terms with my adiction and decided to start modding my 2002 model GPR which still bone stock.

    Currently the only mod i have is a plate from jim which is yet to be installed.

    I am looking for advice on what to do to it to increase top end speed without going nuts and going BB tripple pipe because it would cost an arm and leg to get done here.

    I ride in pretty choppy conditions mostly as well so that needs to be taken into account as i do most of my riding in open water however i get wonderful early morning runs on near glass around shltered bay areas ( gota love those 7am rides).

    I have a budget of about 2K AUD and i am looking to you pro's here to give me a little guidence on how to spend my money in the wisest way possible.

    all ideas welcome

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    First off get an intake grate if you are riding mostly choppy waters I recommend a R&D 1200 grate this an important first mod

    Next I would suggest wave eater clips or gas valves. The clips will prolong your engine life and are a must if you keep your power valves.
    The gas valves are much more responsive than the power valves and will not close down when you bump the rev limiter.

    Since I believe you do not have cats down there we can skip the d-plate mod.

    Machined head is a plus for bottom end power 150 PSI is a good target and pump gas friendly.

    Impeller depending on mods I would start with a 13/19 if you do the head you might go to a 14/20

    Carb rejet and F/As are a plus also.

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    this grate?

    GP 1200R PRO 2 AQUAVEIN (single bar)

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    ok ordered a grate for my 1300 as it will be irdden in the same conditions and will get it a plate from jim soon enough, i am still looking for a grate for 02 series but will have found opne by the end of the weekend.

    i got the waveater clips too for the 1200, so cheap yet soooo very important.

    I ordered some turf as well for the 1200 as the stock matts are kinda dangerous and i have in fact hurt myself several times by slipping on them.

    thanks for the pointers osidebill, cant waitto get this moving along, summer is only a few months away so time of of the essence ;D

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