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    Challenger 180 or Speedster 150 (215hp)

    Here is my dilema, and maybe some other perspective can help me.

    I sold my 1997 Speedster (Twin rotax) and bought a 2007 Challenger 180. The boat runs great with about 25 hours on it, and is perfect for lake cruising with 4 people and all our gear. The boat has all the amenities (stereo, carpet, bimini, tons of storage, etc.), and tops out around 46 mph with 2 people on smooth water.

    It's a great Practical boat, but I sure miss the radical experience from the little speedster! Has anyone gone from a 1997 Speedster to the new 150 Speedster (215hp)? I am curious if the performance is the same, or better, and is the handling/spinning like the 97 Speedster? My Challenger will automatically throttle down when the wheel is turned under high RPM's......and just makes for a boring ride!

    I need help.........I know that the Challenger is a better boat for the smoother ride, people moving, etc..........but I want that 'all out' flying like a mad-man across the water feeling again! What should I do?!?

    Dazed and Confused!

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    If I can keep my speedster 150 215hp, I would. I would definetly stick with the 215 hp, whiplash boat for sure. BTW, I am selling mine in the classifieds section.


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    I know what you feel Riderman....i have an 05 C180 and i'm feeling the same....somebody out there got to be making a kit to make this great boat fly...i fell like if i could boost that thing up to 300HP and a very spped oriented impeller too, that would be great...but at's pretty relax for the ride...!!!

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    Hands down the new 2007 215hp speedster is the way to go.


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    My first Boat

    I have nothing really to compare to my 07 is my first boat.

    I have two kids (3 and 5). Usually, I am only out with my wife and kids. However, we bought the 180 instead of the 150 because it is way more practical. We can not even have one additional guest if we had bought the 150. Plus, there is almost no room to move around on the 150. The 180 is not huge, but it feels twice as big inside as the 150 I was in.

    If you are "upgrading" from a PWC to a jet boat and you are single or married with no kids, than the 150 is a HELL of a boat. In my case, eventhough I know that 500 lbs less weight and a different hull on the 150 would ahve been waaay more seat of the pants fun, you can't beat the flexibility of the 180.

    I would have gone bigger, but the 180 is the biggest jet boat that I can still tow with my 07 Odyssey (have to get the trailering package BTW) and still fit in my garage (with swing-away hitch). It is great on Gas. The kids can play in the bow while the wife relaxes on the back seats. We can take another 4 people with us comfortably. I have had seven in the boat (including the 3 and 5 year old) and it was suprisingly comfortable and the boat did not feel sluggish.

    Do I wish it had 300 hp? Probably. Ok, yes, I do. But for the money, weight and size, it is one heck of a bargin and a fun boat.

    If there was a 4-5k package that would get me to 60mph without having to tweak, tweak, tweak every time out to iron out the kinks...count me in.

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