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Thread: rxp vs gp1300

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    rxp vs gp1300

    hi guys am new here and thinking of selling up and getting a rxp but which one is faster,better handling,fuel econmey,ride position ,any other points would be welcome thanks

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    use the search, this dead horse has been beat enough.

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    Well the stock RXP goes 69, and the stock 1300 GPR is around 66. Both macines are nice, It's cheaper to build a GPR than a RXP. Both can be modded to go fast. As far as handling.......I like to ride loose, all depends on the lake your on for your riding preference.

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    Welcome to the forum

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    bottom line bith great ski's

    pros and cons with both but your there mixing it up with the current best,cant go wrong

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    what are you riding now?

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    A Buddy And I Are Speed Freaks, We Both Brought Gp1200r And A Gp1300r. I Started Putting All SMALL ModED But Port And Triples And Got No Where With Speed Gains, Still Couldn't Bet A Rxp. My Buddy Saw That I Was Putting Alot Of Time And Money Into My Ski And Bought A Rxp And Put About 1500 Into It. HE MADE THE INTERCOOLER AND EXHAUST HIMSELF SO TO THE AVERAGE JO THAT WOULD COST $3000. HIs Ski Is Bad Ass. It Sounds Like A Rocket And Blows Everything Away In Our Area. The Down Line Is A Rxp Will Be Faster With Less Money Then A Gp1300r. The Riding Postion Of The Gp Is 10 Times Better Than A Rxp, But The Rxp Will Always Be Faster. THE HEAD ACH OF BUILDING A BIG BUILD GP AND DIALING IT IN TAKES A PRO.
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    I own them both, My RXP is ok stock and the gp is slower stock. Both now with mods and I say get the GPR , wayyyy less cash to go just as fast or faster. Gp handles better and is more fun to ride. RXP has the hole shot but my GP can catch it. I ain't lost yet to a stock RXP riding my modded GPR. They are both great skis but the GPR is all around less cash to purchase, mod & maintain.

    Enjoy either way......


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    What Do You Have On Your Gp Because The Rxp With Bigger Supercharger , Intercooler And Prop With Smoke A Gp Without Porting Or Triples.

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