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Thread: TDR Waterboxes

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    TDR Waterboxes

    I was just cruising around eBay and saw these TDR Waterboxes and was wondering what you can tell me about them. The TDR web site is blank on the waterbox info page. I have one of Jerrys box's on order, I have another RXP we are going to modify the water box on and either I'm ordering another box from Jerry or I might try one of these on the 3rd RXP. What I'm trying to do is evaluate different setups going for the same objective. So anyway whats the info on these waterboxes?
    BTW linkey

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    TDR waterbox is just a stock replacement-- u still have to move it to pull the supercharger out. Jerry's is designed so you dont have to. In my opinion the tdr is the same as modding or gutting the stock box

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    I was running a tdr.....after about 3hrs the diffuser came loose inside the box (maybe it was all the mad power )and it is still in the way of the s/c because the outlet is in the stock location, in FRONT of the outlet. Jerry's box is better, outlet in the rear towards the thru-hull

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    TDR waterboxes have been great for many, many years now.....
    as boat anchors

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    I have used TDR in the past, always worked well in the 2 stroke skiis . . . just a little loud.

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