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    Rejetting after oil block off

    A buddy of mine blocked the oil injection off on his 93 SS XI 750. He put bigger jets on the high speed side and left the low speed alone. First time out it ran good but now it doesn't start unless it is turned over with the choke on and the turned over again with the choke off. After starting, the engine will race until the fuel burns out of the cylinders or the throttle is over half. It will even stay running for a bit with the lanyard pulled. It will not idle at all. He thinks that the engine is getting too much fuel and is flooding the motor, but I think that the stock low jets are too small for the premixed fuel to get to the motor to keep it running. Anybody have any insight that they can add?

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    I don't think that it would require re-jetting. Maybe a slight adjustment on the mixture screws. Then do a couple of plug chops.

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    i blocked the oil off on mine too, but i replaced the low and high speed jets right away so i don't know if that is the magic fix or not.

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