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    RE's are leaking!!!!

    AHHHHHH. Went to the lake of the Ozarks last weekend and let my ski sit in the water all day and it took on a ton of water. When I installed them I put a ton of "Right Stuff" on. Do you guys have any idea on how I can fix this without pulling them back off? Is it possible to take the seat and the cowling off to get back to them to put right stuff on the inside of the hull??? Oh, I took the pump wedge off and it is going right back on! The ski plows way too much without the wedge on. It's such a wet ride even with the jet trim splash guard. RE's + Wedge = Perfection

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    loosen the bolts half way, pull them outward, check the sealant...i missed a small spot on my exhaust and it leaked while in the water...

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