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    Angry Ok This Realy Sucks Now!!!

    Well it started out to be a nice day gave a quick job bid then came home cut my grass took a Gamble and asked my wife if she wanted to do anything today she said no grate off to the lake did a test start on my ski at my home ran grate, hooked up and took off got to the lake did a quick start on the trailer 10-15 sec. ran grate put the F#%*ING THING IN THE WATER and NO START!!!!!!!YES I SAID NO START!!!!! I'm going to get some gas and blow this ski up Well thanks for letting me vent guys.

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    I've done that before. In my case I was just a bit rich and I think only letting it run 10 or 15 seconds got the plugs wet and didn't let them get remotely close to self-cleaning temperature. BPR8ES are only like $1.60 around here, take a box of them out with you.

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    BUMMER, did it start once you got it out of the water or at home?

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    How fast was she turning over in the water? Does it sound just as fast in the water as on the trailer? Someone else had this same prob, unfortunately nobody is telling us what they found to resolve the issue. You got a new batt and a high torque starter, I'm leaning towards pump bearings starting to go bad. Maybe they are putting just enough drag on the motor in the water to slow the starter?

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