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    Pair of Raiders, One WAY! slower

    I just got a pair of Identical raider 1100s. Both seemed to run fine but when we were racing them one was way faster than the other no matter who was on them the same one is always faster. I was standing on the beech listening to them and the slower one seemed to have a popping missfire sound at part throttle when it was driving away from me, I had some extra plugs so I threw them in and no change. The plug from the middle cylinder seemed to look cleaner than the other two. I pulled all the plugs after that trip in both skis and they all looked the same except the middle cylinder in the slower one looked cleaner than the rest of them again. Any ideas what could be causing this? I pulled the lid off the air box and fired it up and all the oil injectors look like they are working the same. I am an auto tech and have always had four wheelers and motorcycles and done my own work but I am not familiar with this style of carbs. Am I over my head or can i fix this my self?

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    I pulled the carbs off my slower raider today to see if I could find anything wrong with them. Everything looks fine, nothing plugged up, they look brand new inside and out. The two outside carbs have 107.5 jets and the center was a 95. The lakes I ride on are all around 6000ft elevation. I am lost. Any help or ideas are appreciated.

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    Those are stock jets for sea level. Not sure what the hi altitude jetting is, but it will be different that high up. Did you check the filters inside the carbs? also check the condition of the rubber tip on the needle and seat. May be time for a full carb rebuild, for peace of mind if nothing else.

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