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    More Newbe Engine Rebuild Questions

    Hello All

    So I have rebuilt the engine and installed it and am ready to go.


    How do I adjust the timing on a 96 sl900 (1050 conversion)?

    I noticed that I need to align the pump? How would it get out of spec? The engine sits in a V and the pump is attached with bolts that are the same size as the hole.

    Also how do I tell if my oil pump is working. I bled the supply line with the air bleed screw and while cranking a VERY small amount will come out of the carb lines but not alot. Does the engine have to be running to see a good amount of oil?

    Finally is Beerdart the one to get the alignment tool from. I need it ASAP and I live in Ohio.

    Thanks Again

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    Yes, beerdart rents and sell the alignment tool.

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