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    pump wedge STX-R

    does anyone make pump wedges for the STX-R?if so is it a worth while mod?what can i expect from doing this?

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    you can expect bad handling unless you go striaght....

    depends on how you ride and where....

    But I dont know if they are around any more...but I think the ones of the 15F's might work....Or the one from the 1100 stx

    Try evolution marine he might have one

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    pump wedge

    The hull and pump are the same. Engines are different.

    I have installed a wedge, upside down.

    The idea is to get the nose up for wave jumping.

    Doesn't do anything at no wake speed, but yank on the throttle, and it gets the nose out much quicker.

    Overall, the one wedge doesn't raise the nose - at speed - a whole ton. But, it is good for an additional 2 mph.

    Am wainting for another day of waves, before plotting out the next step.

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