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Thread: GTX SC Newbie

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    GTX SC Newbie

    I want to finally get my own GTX. Have ridden the 2002 4Tec Model for the past few years, so of course I want the SC model. On other sites, I have read about many different maintenance issues, mostly about the '03 GTX SC. Could you guys let me know if there is a big reliability difference between the '03,'04, and '05 model years? I have read through a ton of posts looking for info on issues with the stock hardware. I know you are all mostly into the big mods, but I was hoping you could provide some background.

    Anything you could let me know would be greatly appreciated....thanks guys!

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    I have the 03 GTX/SC, if it's got the plastic pump you don't want it. It WILL warp. I just sent mine off to riva to be upgraded to metal.

    In 04 they went to the metal pump, much better. Also early 03 gtx/sc were shipped with synthetic oil causing the clutch to slip. Towards the end of summer 03 sea doo they switched all the supercharged 4-tecs to mineral oil.

    You may want to avoid that year.

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    i have the 03 s.c also same issues cluch went out at 38 hours and pump broke apart at 78 hours wedging a pice of plastic in the cooling line leaving me stranded about 1 1/2 miles off shore and now the front side of the pump bearing is leaking. other then tat its good 138hours now

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    Bought my SC new and ran it with synthetic oil its 1st 20 hrs(till memo came out)....I never had a clutch issue....(upgraded to RR clutch at 110 hrs)but oem clutch was still fine then....

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    I am going to try and find a 2004, or a 2003 but discount it for the need to change the pump out...Appreciate the information!

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