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    how do i install a boost gauge on a 03 gtx?

    how do i install a boost gauge on a 03 gtx?
    whats a good gauge? where should i mount?
    besides a gauge what do i need?

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    depends on what you want. an analog gauge gives you an idea of boost, but the most accurate and useful for us, as far as I'm concerned is digital.

    myself and several people here use the dynotune boost guage. I have the rectangular version, and run the wire through the hole in the bottom of the glove box. when I want to use the guage i take it out and velcro it to the top of the govebox. Others have gone a lot further and cut out mirrors and such and mounted tehm in the rear view mirrors.

    it comes with almost everything you need. Some small diameter tubing is used to connect it to the intake.

    there is a nipple on the intake runner you can drill into and attach the hose....

    search for boost guages and you should fin a few threads with pictures and such.


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