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    Cool Weedless shafts not weedless..

    Hello All my SeaDoo'n Friends

    I have a 2002 Sea Doo Sporster LT (twin 720)
    Quite often I find when ideling through channels and marinas Ill suck up a couple weeds, I hit the throttle and at about 4000 RMP one of the two if not both pumps will cavitate. So putt back to the marina put the boat back on the trailer crawl under neath and right down near the impeller will the a little root or a couple little weeds wraped around! Why dont these Weedless shaft covers work?? Any mods for these weedless shafts.
    Also you never hear of the larger boats having these issues? Do they just have bigger pumps that blow these objects right past????


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    Mine work just dandy

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