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Thread: My ears hurt

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    My ears hurt

    Ok, I really didn't know where to post this but since you speed demons frequnet this forum it may be appropriate.

    So, on my 04 wake I thought it was fast and I never experieinced this problem.

    Now with the RXT I am experiencing a problem with my ears. With the increase in speed my ears still hurt 2 days after my last ride.

    Does anyone else experience this?
    Foolish as it sounds I am considering ear plugs.


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    You should go by an ear doctor to make sure you did not rupture your ear drum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbrich View Post
    You should go by an ear doctor to make sure you did not rupture your ear drum.
    I know that feeling all to well. but not a bad idea.

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    In the event of sustained loud noises (cranking the colume on your stereo or excessive wind noise for an extended period of time) your ears will actually produce more wax than normal. Might be a log jam in your ear canal. The ear Dr is prob going to want to flush/clean your ear canals. Kinda uncomfortable, but worth it. You'll be surprised on how much better you will be able to hear afterwards...pending your ears are ok.

    Disclaimer: After having your ear canals cleaned, EVERYTHING will be loud as a mofo. For example, that impact gun that somebody rails down in the shop when you come back to work that day and "them" knowing how sensitive your ears will be for a day or so after cleaning. Bastids.....

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    My wife has the exact same problem. The rushing air going over her ears causes her pain (especially after getting water in them). She keeps a couple of sets of ear plugs in the glove box. Works like a charm. Plus, I can say "funny" things to her and she can't her me. When she takes the plugs out to ask what I said, I say something nice. When she puts them back in, I say something perverted. She eventually ends up reading my lips and says, "That's not what you said!"

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    Since I work in the trades and my hearing has suffered over the years, I have a loss of hearing. I know it`s screwy that I didn`t wear hearing protection on the job, paying for it now, anyways, I started out wearing the green foam ear plugs for diagnostics purposes. If I wanted to hear the engine better without the wind and water canceling out noises I would put in ear plugs. The engine and drivetrain sounds get transmitted thru the hull/your body for a clearer muted sound. You can def hear the engine singing along this way...
    normally when it`s cooler outside and I`m riding I wear ear plugs, the colder air hurts my ears. Just this past weekend I had them in...PR...

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    Your what hurts?

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