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    93 SL 750 Rebiuld

    Hi to everyone
    I need a little advice? I just finished rebuilding my 93 SL 750 but I think I made a #%$^ UP. I went to do my initial start up and I turned the water on to the flush hose before starting the ski I went to start it but it would not start due to bad battery. So I put a charger on it and while waiting I decided to check the plugs and thats when I noticed water in the cylinders. Now the reason why I rebuilt it was because their was a crack in the case so I welded it, bored the cylinders 1 over manuf, and installed new pistons and rings, Tested the case and it worked. Is their a way to remove all the water that filled the case?? and I noticed some threads on the forum about running the water without first starting the ski so the case doesnt fill up. IS THAT TRUE?? I hope it is because I dont want to pull the moter again. Now I know I didnt do anything to the crank or the pistons due to the battery being DEAD THANK GOD. But how do I make sure their is no water in the case?? Also on the fuel pump where can I find info on what each hook ups are on the pump and to also to verify if it is actualy working??


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    Joe on the exhaust side down low are some drain bolts pull them out. The fuel pump routing is here. Try to pull the plugs and get all the water out [email protected]!!!!!!.
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    What he said ^^^. And it's start engine first, then water on. Turn water off, then shut off engine.

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