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    Hi temp alarm its back

    Ok I have a 06 RXP stage 2, my problem is that my hi temp alarm is back. I have checked the intercooler, no leaks, not plugged. I have a Groco strainer, not pluged. I had this happen before and went through the whole IC so I know its not there. It used to do it all the time and I found a hose going to the intercooler with a small kink I removed that and it worked fine, I checked and its not kinked again. It wont do it going staight and hard but if you start spinning it the alarm goes off and the boat shuts down (safe mode). Is my sensor bad? How do I check that? Do I need to plug the back pisser and enlarge the front ones?
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    Is your J pipe hot when this happens? If it is cool unplug the waterbox sensor see how she runs.
    Are you running against the rev limiter?

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