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    Speakers and Wires

    For those of you that have upgraded or added new speakers to your 150 Sportster, was there any foam between the hulls? Especially up in front of the storage box on the right (starboard) side of the boat. I thought about putting a set of speakers up there as well as a horn. Any insight would be appreciated.


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    I installed clarion marine component speakers (separate tweeters and mids), amp and sub in my boat, there were some challenges in running the wires up the left side (tight and lots of glass fibers protruding from the inner walls and crossing and meeting in the middle, but the right side is completely open.. I did not however run anything up into the front so I can not speak to that area unfortunately.

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    You will have to change the head unit. Its only made for 2 speakers. Its a POS anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Len View Post
    You will have to change the head unit. Its only made for 2 speakers. Its a POS anyway.
    Beeep....i think you're wrong....(CONFIRMED...4 speaker output on main unit) it's a four speaker unit, at least mine is a 4x50 Watts Clarion, plus it's got a preamp output at rear too, were partially's a pos...! (read as being a crap) Those Clarion sucks big time....i guess they were cheap units to put on OEM, i want a wired remote headunit, so i can change tunes and play with the radio from my own driver seat without having to open that stupid glove box door....!!!

    EDITED: I removed the 2 OEM 6.5 inch Clarion, and replaced with 4x Kicker 6.5 speakers, 2 in same location, and 2 added in the front of the plays very well, and i can still hear the music even at full speed...done....then i have to get rid of the stock Clarion CD player, i want a new CD/MP3 player that will have a wired remote to it, more convenient for the driver of the boat to play his tunes and control it when desired to.
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