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    GPR bogging down

    I dont know if its normal, but my 1300 keeps bogging really bad when I turn and it fluctuates at top speed what could be causing this. most other skis throw a huge fire hose spray when i cut hard but this one just slugs out. GPR is brand new only 20 hrs and just had routine maintenance done.
    any ideas?

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    bogging down

    i had a simialr problem that only really showed after tights turns full throttle , i found it cleared after pulling the lanyard for a full reset, ( dash clear ) then come back again 10-15mins later

    yamaha tried many things including the pick up coil , ( see past post from me ) they would call me down for sea test , they would warm it up and hand it over with a smile and "its fixed ".... helmet on full throttle turns and they take it back with them.

    in the end it was the fuel pump censor , high temop causing it to intemmitant fail ( why it showed up only on turns i dont know ) ,, ask your shop to check

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    is this something that yamaha will fix at no charge, if not how much is a fuel pump sensor?

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    Hey B-45...

    About the only things not covered by your Yamaha warranty are:...

    Water ingestion and the prop(impeller)..

    Obviously accident damage too..

    Anything else will be covered...!!!!

    If its not running right get them to fix it....


    Ps a 14/20 dynafly on a stock motor = no good..

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