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    should i attempt to repair myself?

    dont have a pic of the actual damage but here is a pic of where the damage is at.. if it was just cut a hole i would go for it, but should i attempt to fix it myself considering its right where the 2 pieces of the hull come together (under the rubber bumper), (see where arrows are pointing on picture)

    since its where the hull is rivited together should i have it professionally done or is there still some way i can do it myself? any advice would be helpfull as the repair shop wants almost more then the jet ski is worth for this repair.
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    i guess it all depends on what you're talking about. a scratch? paint bubble? crushed? split? stained? oxidized?.....

    you said where the problem is, but didn't say WHAT the problem is.

    more info....try to get a picture too, it's almost impossible to describe the scale of damage.

    however, it's probably something you can do yourself if you have time and patience, since body work has a learning curve.

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    sorry we have 2 of them and took a new person out this weekend.. the new guy cut me off and couldnt stop so ran the nose of the one into the back of the other.. the fiberglass has a crushed look, the rubber bumper is hanging off and some rivets are bent and pulled out.

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    I would have to agree with what sean said but also add on to it that it depends on if you have any history of working with fiberglass......

    It's a boat that jumps out of the water and takes some pretty good knocks to the hull depending on what style you ride, and I personally wouldn't want to know that a job isn't rock solid on a boat that you may be too far off the shore to swim back if the boat recracks ,takes on water and sinks....

    I know that some people may quote you for a certain price but there are some other craftsman that may not charge you half as much for the work. Sometimes you gotta look for the guys that do it in their downtime but have a great track record. A buddy of mine had a solid crack to his polaris and found a guy in the inner city that works with fiberglass/auto's/bikes, etc and only charged him $495.... I was skeptical at first judging by price/location/etc and sure as shit the guy did awesome work!!!!

    Hope this helps man.... and welcome to the forum!!!!

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