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    Need help! 96 xp

    Hello everybody! Need some help getting water lines routed on this ski. I have a R.E. pipe w/msd water inj. & an aftermarket head( 2-3/8 fittings) How should I run these lines? Also , I am looking for the timing specs on this motor, there is no plate, but where it was are the following #'S (top) 020503 ( bottom) 100997 Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

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    if you are still on the origional build there is a number stamped into the metal on the back left side of the case (if you are looking at it from the back). next to the PTO. sometimes they are hard to see with the paint caked on them.
    what kind of pipe is it (R.E.) never heard of it personally. I cant really help you on that...sorry

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    R.E.- Rossier Engineering. The numbers I put in my post were on top of the crankcase, in the center of the rear bracket. I doubt this is the original build, as I removed WSM pistons. I am trying to figure out the timing setting so I can hook up the M.T. Rev limiter. Thanks again for any help! Jack

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