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    RXP/T top speed??

    I'm sure this question has been asked before so I apologise for my ignorance up front. But could I get some feedback please both skis are dead stock.How fast out of the box are the RXP & RXT's. My friend has an 05 RXP and another is about to buy a used 06 RXT could you please give me a GPSed top speed for stock skis for a comparision when we get these two out on the water with our GPS.
    Thanks for any help.

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    I would do a simple search of this section if I were you..... you will get alot of results Im sure of it. My bone stock RXP has made a best GPS run of 70.6 but is consistently in the mid-high 69.x range. I have not GPS'd my RXT but I plan to down at the Ozarks over labor day (gonna get down there on thursday when its still quiet), find a nice calm cove and make some runs with both ski's.

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    Rxt = 65-66
    Rxp = 68-69

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    On the water my RXT saw 66.2 gps

    on the highway its seen 84.2 by gps

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    I have both. When stock, my '04 rxp ran 68.8 and my '05 rxt ran 66.7.


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    My bone stock form.

    05 RXT - 66.7
    04 RXP - 70.3

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