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    Sudden HUGE power increase - explain this!

    My buddy and I bought our skis at the same time from Top Gun Kawasaki. I have 32 hours, he has about 14. A couple of weeks ago we were riding on Smith Mountain Lake and he was suddenly pulling me hard and we had always been side by side. Today we were out running and his ski was killing me and his peak rpms was locking it at 7950 He has done nothing to the ski beyond the wedge that we both have.

    Two things we noticed. One is, his ski is a whole lot louder than mine, sounds like he's done an exhaust mod which he hasn't and he says has been that loud since new. Second, his boost gauge is registering 15lbs of boost with no mods to anything. Mine continues to read 11 as always. I know the boost gauges aren't the most accurate instruments in the world but his used to only register the same 11 psi as mine so something has happened. He's turning 69.3 on GPS, I'm running 65 at 7650 rpms. It was very humid today but not overly hot (87/8. When he puts his Riva plate on, he's going to be at 71/72 and that's just not acceptable to me (he, however, is loving life).

    Any ideas from anyone? Sounds like his blower is overreving or is the BOV not functioning? Whatever it is, sure would like to do the same to mine His attitude is he has the five year warranty, he's going to run it that way until something blows and then let Kawasaki put a new motor in it.

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    dont shoot the messenger - you guys weigh the same?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyGreenGumby View Post
    dont shoot the messenger - you guys weigh the same?

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    BOV....Ask E-shaker...He has test this little crap valve and found it to be very inconsistent ski to ski.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyGreenGumby View Post
    dont shoot the messenger - you guys weigh the same?
    I'm probably 40lbs heavier (all muscle, of course ) but we've been at that weight differential since we bought them. I haven't heard of any other Ultra turning those kind of rpms, even the modified ones. Something has malfunctioned that is suddenly allowing for a lot more boost than Kawasaki intended. I want to "break" whatever it is on mine or at least figure out what has happened.

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    I have the same problem as you,We have three ultra 250`s and mine runs 400 rpm less than the others.So the bov vavle is what is going on here is that what I am understanding.What can we do to make it better?One ski is turning 8060 rpm and the other one is turning7800 rpm and I am turning 7660.
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    Dont best i only ever pull 7290 rpms.. on mine.. it was 7450 before the oil change and service at 18hrs..
    oh well..

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    If I remember correctly the highest mine has ever turned was 7660. I talked to the mechanic at the dealer Tuesday when I took it in for the recall and told him about my problem with low rpm. He mentioned that maybe it had been set up a little to tight and may need to check the valve adjustment. He is going check them at the 50 hrs service.

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    Very interesting indeed....

    With the stock pulley I dont think he should be able to get 15psi out of it....I would hint that the gauge might be faulty but why is he whoopin your badonkadonk on the water? Maybe it IS making the boost, but how?

    I'd love to know!

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    300 rpms and 4.3 mph difference. Something is wrong with this picture.

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