I was just wondering in amongst all the personal 'opinons' and ummm specualtions etc if there was any pattern to the oil in fuel problem with regards to build dates. I haven't even checked my build date yet but I have only had it for 3 weeks and have 4 hrs on it. I haven't dared to sniff the dipstick yet!
Some guys report a minimal problem while others seem to have more serious issues.

Also - I'm no expert but I have a little trouble working out how the fuel ends up outside the combustion chamber. Even if the rings were poorly sealing shouldn't the fuel be pretty much atomised by the time it gets any where near the rings? (nice lot of heat and pressure from the injection = good atomisation) and then it should burn on the power stroke.
Has anyone checked the exhuast gases to see if they run rich - possibly during certain conditions ie fast opening throttle. COuld it be that Kawa are really scared it runs lean with the S/C and over fuels it. (I'm sure everyone would like to see less fuel in the oil and more of it in the tank with a computer remap!)
I would have thought lots of blow by gases wouldn't necessarily mean fuel in oil as blow by is normally from burnt gases which shouldn't have much fuel in it hopefully! Obviously there is some possibilty of it sliding past the rings on the compression stroke but if things are that bad then exhaust gases would be even worse wouldn't they? Carbon build up is also a symptom of incomplete combustion ( too much fuel)
I must admit to little experience with 4 strokes and injection on skis but does anyone do upgrade chips like they do for the ECU on cars?
P.S. I'm just tossing some ideas around as suggestions , they aren't necessarily even my opinions or factual.