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    ??? about Skat Tail Cones on Trip Bearing Pumps

    I have triple bearing pump...has performed well so far...but we have noticed that the tail cone on it is quite large...I know there are options on tail cones...

    The cones are about halfway down the page...they vary in size from large to small....acceleration vs. top my best guess?

    small offers what...
    medium is a compromise between...
    largest offers what... (this appears to be what I have, is this the standard cone for the triple bearing mod)

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    The large matches your venturi best for top speed.

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    also the skat cone is machined dif than the stocker. The part that goes into the bore is longer. This "may" be to keep the bearings where they need to be...PR...

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    So a larger cone is used on larger rings (the stock venturi)? If (when) I go to the adj venturi...the smaller cones would perform better for me?

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