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    long high speed run, look what happen to my exhaust hose

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    Thats the one running from the pipe to the waterbox right?

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    I had one do that right before I holed a piston. Might want to check and make sure you aren't running lean.

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    Check the filter in the exh. pipe fitting at the top. It injects cooling water into the exhaust, looks like it isn't working.

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    my engine is ok...its just the waterbox....running very hot, i can see the waterbox coloring white...mybe my cooling system is to check?? and reverse the pressure to exit the clog line???im having a hard time removing that fitting at the top, it is already stuck in the threads...
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    Let the engine idlefor a few minutes so the pipe get warm and then try to loosen it.
    With the exhaust coupler removed you should be able to find the water hole, clean it BUT don't enlarge it.

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    exhaust coupler? do u mean the fitting??? so its better to turn it with the pipe warmed right??

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    I feel your pain check this one out.

    I found if you hold a shorter wrench at a slight angle instead of being square on it you can get a little swing, but be careful not to round it over. I almost did.

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