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    How do Impeller #s Work?

    how do the #s work? like 11/19 and 13/20.
    3 blade vs 4 blade.
    also what would give good hole shot on stock ski?
    what does pitch blocked mean?

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    Iv`e been asking that same question:

    you`d be better off asking Dave @ Impros or carl @ Island racing, they are found in the tuner section.

    I do understand that the numbers for the 3 blades do not corrolate over to the 4`s.

    ei: a skat 16\21 3 blade is considered to be a stock replacement for the GTX 185HP sc ski`s. compared to the stock 4 blade.
    I have tried several props in my ski, stock, pitched stock, 16\21 3 blade, and now i have a 12\20 solas in there.

    if you want bottom end, you want the 16\21, good bottom and mid and I was still on the limiter @ 7600-7650. with a few hull mods and thru hull I was still seeing 62-63.5, some say you lose top end with the 3 blade but you can easily get it back if any with simple mods.
    I`m actually off the rev limiter now with the 12\20, on a cooler day 7550-7600, on a real hot day without the IC 7400, but I`m still dickin` around with parts, so things will change again...especially with the cooler water and temps coming...

    any change, any thing matters if your counting 10ths of a mile...
    RE`s, air filter kit, exhaust, which sponsons, nozzle, no 2 ski`s are alike...PR...
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    I too want to know how these numbers work! Even Google isn't helping me with this one!

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    We have a lot of info on this at our "tech info" section of

    Happy reading!

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