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    My 250x problems

    As of 28 hrs I came across some problems

    1) No oil on dipstick. Moved the boat around in the water and still no reading.
    2) Alot of white smoke coming from exhaust.
    3) Battery warning light comes and goes. (I checked the terminals)
    4) Speedo reads a high of 20mph. I tried adjusting it several times.
    5) Engine tachs out on take off. Cavatation? I tried resealing EVERYTHING. Checked prop clearance (0.26mm)

    Dropped it off to my dealer and waiting for a call.

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    Sounds like you have major problem. No oil on Dipstick could be the cause of all the rest of your problems. Good luck, I hope the dealer finds out why you dropped all of your oil.

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    i'm having the same problems...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mugmainer View Post
    i'm having the same problems...
    Sorry to hear. I called my dealer a few hrs ago to get an update. They said they came across all the problems and looking into it. So who knows whats gonna happen.

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    You probably haven't checked the oil properly. These machines are very sensitive to the technique used in checking oil level.

    The white smoke is probably steam.

    You are taching out because of the pump shoe seal most likely.

    All of the asnswers to these problems are availble by searching this forum.

    edit: the battery warning "lbat" is also common but not a problem.
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