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    96 gsx fuel pump

    i went out today an it ran fine for 15 mins shut it off an then started again start going an just shuts down had to be towed in do the fuel pump act up before they go on mikuni carbs? can any one help out suggestions all grounds are tight an not corroidedcleaned the filters almost seams like it wasnt geting gas going full bore an just shut down key is goodall new fuel hoses hope some one has some idea's to help me fix it i wana ride the long weekend

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    If the engine shuts off running wot then you are probably seizing a piston. Take a spark plug wrench out with you. When it shuts off, slide the seat back and pull out the spark plugs. If one is gray then it's seized. You might be able to read them now if it never cranked back up.

    Reason? Too lean of fuel mixture previously running with clogged filter screens. Stick a thumb over each spark plug hole and bump it over to see if you have good compression on both cylinders. It should blow it off with force.

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    You just had those carbs apart recently also didnt you? or was that on the gtx? If you did just clean them up when you replaced the fuel lines, I would look elsewhere, if like 96xp says, you have compression. Bad dess post or key, check your wiring harness and connections, check your battery make sure it is fully charged and didnt kill on you....BigT

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