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    Where should my rpms be?

    Hey guys. I now have 5 hours on the new rxt and love it. Just put the metal washers in yesterday and took it out tonight. My question is what max rpm should i be getting 5 hours in. I know i am still in the brake in period, but have run it full throttle a couple of times. i am getting about 7,500-7,600 rpm. Does this should right. I am in south Florida and it is hot and humid and this is with full tank to 3/4 tank. thanks for all the help guys.

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    same ski same washers, 6 hours, I've seen between 76-7900 RPM depending on the water and the heat. I ran mine right after I put the washers in, on a cool day in the 70's, and saw 7900 or so. I ran it last Saturday, in 90* and high humidity and saw 76-7700,

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