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    Which carbon fiber to use for tunnel?

    Which carbon fiber cloth should we be using for the pump tunnel reinforcement?? I looked on Ebay and there are quite a few different types. Does anyone know the best one to use? It will be sealed with the Wests Epoxy system...

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    The workhorse of Carbon Fiber,6K weave is perfectly suited for structural applications due to its resistance to flex,but is light enough to be able to contour to complex shapes and angles with no problems and weave distortion.

    Look for it in 4HS(Satin weave). The 4HS weave is much easier to work with than twill, which seperates very easily.

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    Don't forget to use peel ply or nylon over top of the carbon fiber (a couple of inches on each side) so that you can squeeze the excess epoxy out of the cloth without snagging the carbon. Once the epoxy cures remove the nylon and you can either add another layer, glue directly on top of this without sanding, or just shoot a little clear laquer on the patch.

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