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    How do I check MPEM, engine not installed

    I purchased a 1998 XPL about 3 years ago that I took a long time to get around to rebuilding.

    I am almost done and want to test the electricals before putting in the engine. The stator cover is not on the engine yet because I am awaiting a new flywheel.

    What do I need to install, ground, or otherwise connect to get the electricals up and running?

    I remeber plugging in the stator to test the mpem when I originally got it and everything worked fine. I itried the same thing now and nothing.

    Thank you.

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    find the black earth wires which bolt on to the stator cover and connect them to the - side of the battery and connect the regular positive side cable to the battery
    it worked for me

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    Thanks, I figured it out but there was an issue. I plugged in the stator cover but needed to ground it. I couldn't get a good ground because of all the metal but I saw a black wire with a solder point on the inside of the cover and grounded there. Worked like a charm.

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