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    Nitro Question - Intercooler

    Would putting an Intercooler on the Honda make it a limited boat or a stock boat? According to the IJSBA Rulebook under the 4 Stroke Stock Rules, you can have a modified or aftermarket Cooling System. Is the Intercooler apart of the Cooling System or the Air System? Most of the tech inspectors are SeaDoo experts. They know how the SeaDoo Intercooler works. They say that the Intercooler is apart of the Air System.

    Does the Honda Intercooler work different? I am trying to have something to back up my opinion that a modified Intercooler is apart of the Cooling System, therefore it can be modified. If I cannot prove it is apart of the Cooling System, I cannot use one. If I do, I would have to be in Limited.

    Any help is appriecated.

    The ruling:
    Cooling system may be modified or aftermarket. Aftermarket cooling lines
    and water bypass systems may be used. Additional cooling supply lines and
    fittings may be added to the pump. Fittings may not be added to the cylinder
    head, cylinder, or crankcase. Bypass fittings may be modified, aftermarket
    and/or relocated but must be directed downward and/or rearward so as not
    to create a hazard for other riders. Any valves used within the entire cooling
    system must be of the fixed type or automatic (e.g., thermostats, pressure
    regulators, etc.). Electronically controlled water injections systems are not
    allowed unless originally equipped. Manually controlled devices (by any
    means of actuation) that alter the flow of cooling water during operation are
    not allowed. Cooling system flush kits are allowed.
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    The intercooler is part of the Intake trax, Not the cooling system., there is no way around that.

    But since the stock Honda Intercooler comes apart …You could build a new/better internal core and say “it’s just a repair replacement”

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    nitro parts

    nitro i am looking to get some parts for my 04 r 12x do you have a website for me to look at some of your products??

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