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    2000 700 Virage

    The reverse lever seems sticky. I can move the lever and have a friend help the cup on the nozzel and it moves, but I can not move it with just the lever. Is there a location I can apply some lubercation or is there an issue with the mechanics of the lever or linkage?

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    I don't have reverse, but it's cable operated right? In that case, hit up a motorcycle shop or maybe even a bicycle shop for a cable luber. Connects to the cable and helps force lube through the full length. Should feel like new after that.

    Here's one. I have seen them in local shops though.

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    You could remove the cable from the lever assymbly and try to move the lever to varify it's the cable that is sticking and not the lever assymbly.

    You can Look in the Tech Section at the '02 manual for a reference.

    Let us know how it goes.

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