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    Still in break in period on the 07 fx h.o. cruiser BUTTTT

    so i picked up on saturday a 2007 h.o cruiser traded the tripple pipe gpr for it !!! and was breaking it in at about 3.5 hours i decided i wanted to just give it a little bit of gas (more thant the recomended 8,000 rpms . . .so did and i noticed the speed ometer reading 94 mph !!!! o0o boy what a DREAMO METER I HAVE !!! i hope warranty takes care of this because i will not put up with this as well i bought the 4 year extended plan allowing me to have 5 years of warranty! on the skiii. . . any idea of what they will do for me ? ??

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    With my 06 FXHO you can read speed in MPH or KPH. I bet yours is set for Kilometers Per Hour. You manual will tell you how to change between the two.

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    fx ho

    it must be on kilometers, i thought the samething, it is in the manual how to change it..

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    press the mode buton just after you start the ski that will change between mph and kph
    if you have waited to long after starting it, it will change between hours and volts

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