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Thread: Flange washer

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    Flange washer

    I have 05 RXP. When I took my oil pump of, I think there only three washers. Now i'm putting new oil pump on and I notice that there is only three washers.
    Washer and 2 Disc Spring washers. Wondering if it stays like inside or not? And if not then i might of lost it and where can i buy it? Tried green hulks site but couldn't find the washer.

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    yes there are only three washers
    the starter idler gear then ()I
    then the cover

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    Yeah but, where is the Flange washer? Like i dont see it lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franko View Post

    Yeah, When I took it off, it wasnt there, it was just three washers. () and |

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