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    how to fix a cracked hull??

    i just traded a couple of home electronic stuff to a kid for a 96 slx780. thing is in pretty decent shape mechanicaly but has a crack in the hull on the right side. he says it doesnt take on water but just for safety sake i would like to patch it up. whats the easiest way to go about it?

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    Can you post a picture of the crack?

    First you will want to clean up the crack with sandpaper and a dremel tool. Then use a mix of fiberglass sheets and Epoxy to cover the crack. Then when it dries, finish it with sandpaper. And I am not talking like five minute epoxy...go to a West Marine or a marine supply store and get two part epoxy intended for hull repairs.

    You can buy dye to mix in with the epoxy, and you can use that to get the proper color you need for the finish.

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    you want to give the fiberglass a few inches on either side of the crack to bond to by sanding away any gelcoat down to bare glass. And start by layering mat on the inside of the hull and then roving and then mat on top of that again. and then put a few layers of mat on the outside of the hull too
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    Like someone else on here,I have done boat repair and Vette repair.You want to rough up wider then the crack leaving a V into the mat.. Leave it rough and don't feather it. Then Use a 2 part marine epoxy a discribed, start with a cheap wood handle bristle paint brush that has been cut so the bristles are about 3/4" long to make it stiff. Mix the resin and dob the ground out area,so it's coated good. Then use fibreglass matt,NOT CLOTH,tore to fit in the crack,not the whole ground out area(so it's deep in the V.) Take some Saram rap and lay the tore piece of mat on it,coat it good with resin uing the brush. Now take the Saram rap and mat and puh it up to the hull pushing all the air out you can,remove the Saram and wet your brush with resin and dob it good till it i no longer white(you want it saturated.Now repeat the progress with a little wide piece, repeat till your almost level with the surface.(you may have to mix more resin along the way as it will kick or start to harden..DO NOT USE ANY THAT STARTS TO GEL), Then you can mix some resin with KAVASILL or CAVASELL(SP)(it look like cotton powder) or fine cut up mat (too almost a powder) with dye to match the hull color(making the gel coat layer).Make it almost like tooth paste.spread it on,Don't worry about it being totally smooth, But you want it high then the crack. After it hardens you can go back and and sand it smooth and flush with the surface. And wet sand it with finer wetpaper (down to 600 or 800 grit) and buff it to a shine. Then I like to rough up the inside and lay layers up to build bigger Patch then the area. If anyone needs better info. then PM me and I'll walk you thru it on the phone. Were are you located, I would love to do a repair and photo it for this site.Good luck ,Dan

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    I have a 95 sl750 hull that is in good shape that I would sell cheap. in fact if you can get my slt 750 running Id give it to you.

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    theres nothing to takes some time to make it look good, but you'll get the hang of it.

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