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    As I said before I am new to jet skis. I was wondering if it was normal for both of my skis to be smoking a little at idle? It doesn't do it really past idle. Should this be a problem?

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    If its a 2 stroke then I would check my plugs to make sure your not using too much oil, but other then that you should be fine. I run 70mph and smoke a little on start.

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    It is a 2 stroke but the oil and gas are mixed separately and the ski mixes as needed.

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    I agree with thesepaperwings, I would say that you fine as long as your not fouling the spark plugs.

    What kind of ski is it? Remenber we love pictures.

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    900 zxi and a 1100stx. Starter skis but fun anyways. I actually don't have any pics yet but will definately have to post some soon. I haven't pulled the plugs yet but I assumed that it would be okay if there was minimal smoking.

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