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    New to maintenance on myski and need a little advice

    I have a 2005 RXT and wanna change my oil myselfthis time where do i hook up the hose on the back of the ski like i have seen some videos on here where people have hooked up the water hose and ran it to get warm? Also which oil should i use because im replacing a sensor and going to cowtown powersports tomorrow to pick up the sensor and gonna get a oil filter but thought i would use a different oil besides theres if i can get it at a local auto store around here. thanks for any advice anyone gives me. I just found this site and figure with yall i should be able to do alot of maintenace and repair with yalls advice. Great site. Thanks

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    the hose screws in to the rear of the ski in the pump tunnel. theres a threaded hole, you'll see. don't forget to start the ski FIRST, then turn on the water.

    most people here, including myself use amsoil 10-40 syn motorcycle or marine. other good ones are mobil 1 motorcycle. as long as its JASO-MA certified and wet clutch compatible your good.

    edit: check out the "how to and FAQ" section for lots of great information and a step by step for your oil change. It's not like changing the oil on your chevy.

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    If you are kneeling down looking directly at the pump(where your impeller shoots water out in the back) there should be a 1-1.5" pipe in the far upper left.... should actually be the farthest thing in the upper left of this inleted "square box" in the rear. It's tough to see but as sean said, this is a threaded pipe that will be the female end of the connection. If you can't catch some threads it's probably the wrong pipe.... but it's not hidden

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