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    3DI Review

    I Traded in my 2000 kawi.stx 1100 for a 3DI, I took it out for the 1st. time today and let me tell you.. WHAT A BLAST!!! I Love this machine. Buy the kart seat. I found it the best config. The moto is nice but a bit tipsey. Its great for catchen air. I dident have the balls to try standup yet. Be prepaired to get wet. I'm new to this whole PWC sport but I find this machine alot more fun than the typical "SEA SOFAS" I would have kept the kawi. But no one could tell me what was wrong w\ the thing. No one ansered my threads. Anyway... The 3DI gets my recomendation. its a lot better than just running around in circles pissing off old fishermen.. Although pissing off fishermen is allways fun.

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    Having fun is whats this is all about.....

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    You are damn right...the 3-D with the DI engine is a very powerful machine (weight to power ratio) and it's quite flexible....can ride smooth and can play a bit wild too....not as hardcore as a Kawi Jet-Ski....but a lot more pratical for it's flexibility.

    I really enjoyed both configuration, except maybe the knee's getting hard on the knees after a while.

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    I actually enjoy the knee position the best, maybe because I was a knee paddler when surfing. With the knee attachment on, you can still ride standing up, something you can't do with the cart seat.


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    Great!! I Think next year I'll Get the knee seat. Maybe I'll Pull my balls outt'a my purse and stand up on the thing!!!

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    It's easier to ride Stand-Up then you think. Get the Shoq option, it's the cheapest add-on mode and it really helps the stand-up balance.

    My Cart seat is still on backorder, I wish it would show up.

    I traded my '04RXP for the '06 3D and haven't regretted it, but I've still got an '06 LTD for that speed rush.

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    3DI questions

    Any idea what the range on a full tank is?? also the intake manafold has a rubber nipple on it to spray oil in after running. What oil is good for this? Is WD_40 ok? Is it nessary to do after every time out?

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    i had a the older 800 3d loved it but it was underpowerd and the build qaulity i thought was poor with bits of the plastic trim breaking and a very flimsie trim bracket witch snapped in sea water riding ,the newer di 1000 has the same bracket id look into getting a metal one made up before it snaps,
    good fun ski thow

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