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    Back of Hull on Yamaha

    By looking at the pictures of the new sho it looks as if there is a pad on the rear of the hull. Where as the 250x has a slight hook, the yamaha actually has pads on the rear. If some one else would look close at the pictures and see if they see what I am seeing.

    If this is the case it will get the bow of this boat out of the water and it will be riding on the pad instead of the whole hull in the water. Less hull means more speed in my opinion. I know when my bass boat is riding on the pads there is very little wetted area.

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    The SHO uses the exact same hull as the other FX skis have had for years.. Adding the bigger engine just made more people take an interest in a hull that was always great in the rough and rode high and dry with a lot less water resistance than the Ultra. Give the 1800 big block a year or two and the SHO is going to be the ski to beat just like the GPR's were in their day. (and actually still are !)


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    That 1800 has some great potential...dang, I just jumped the gun too quick!

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