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Thread: Just got an lx

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    Just got an lx

    Hey everyone..nice forum! So far I've put 7 hours on my ski and it seems to be a good ride. I live in maui hawaii so I bought the lx figuring I need the extra range and rough water handling. I plan on using my ski mostly for quick fishing and diving trips. I had a 06 12f that I sold, and a friend with a yamaha vx, which is what I can compare my ski to. In 1-2 chop and up to 6 foot ocean swells.....It is more stable than the vx, not as tipsy for sure......not as agile as my 12f but stays hooked up to the water much better giving a very comfortable and secure feeling ride.....power seems similar to the 12f, plenty for me and the ocean conditions here. I did notice going side by side a vx.......going uphill my ski gave a much better hooked up ride...going downhill the vx hull stayed high and dry while my nose tended to drop a little and get me a little wet, not as bouncy though.

    At the end my last trip I had 5.5 hours on the trip timer. I did a long cruise along the northshore of the island cruising with my friend and his vx for big game fish and then exploring the inner reefs of the island. I had 2 bars when I came back...I haven't filled up yet to check how many gallons I used. It only showed 35 miles total at the end of the ride...we had to go really slow when on the inside of the reef because of rocks popping up everywhere.

    So at the end of the trip we both had two bars on our fuel gauges. I was hoping for more range than the vx but they seem about equal as far as the gas gauge. If the Lx only gets 1 mpg better than the 250 in slower non wot conditions I may have to sell this ski. But don't get me wrong I'm being really picky, the ski is very good, makes my 12f feel like a toy.

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    Welcome to the GH forums. I think you'll find the 250 will get TONS worse gas mileage than the LX. Those are two different animals for sure!

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    I have both

    LX 84 mile trip two bars left
    250X one tank from full to low fuel + 6 gallons back to low fuel buzzer

    same trip same day

    If you are running with ultras and playing keep up all day mileage suffers greatly


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    Sounds like you thought it through. It should do what you want it to. Enjoy and congrats.

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    Thanks for the comments from everyone. I was starting to get the idea that I wasn't getting a whole lotta gas savings next to the 250x. JWilson...thanks for the numbers on your trip thats exactly what I needed to know...I feel much better about my purchase now.

    I think I'll wait a little while before I get one of them hotrods...let the horsepower war work itself out

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    once get north of 25-30 hours, you should see improved milage as well, although my 15F averages 2 gals less than the Ultra LX on fours hours of operation

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