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    Ultra 250X spare key

    I would like to have a spare key for Ultra 250x but I am now finding out from Riva that this is only possible by bringing the bike in. This however is not possible as I am in Antigua in the Caribbean which Riva knew as they shipped the Ultra here to me. Has any one ever ordered a key without sending bike to dealer. I was hoping I could have FED EX original key to Riva and had a new one programmed from that key. Fearful of losing original key and no thanks, slo key won't do.

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    Your Most Economical Thing Would Be To Buy The Key Programmer [plugs In The Diagonistics Port By The Battery] Along With A Spare Key And Program In Your Own Key. I'm Not Sure Of The Programmer Cost But I Think Its Fairly Inexpensive. Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by john07ex View Post

    Thanks for that, I am so diaappointed in Riva salesperson for not thinking of this. Within a year, my friend and I in Antigua have bought 2 Seadoo RXT's, 1 RXP, 1 Honda R-12X and 3 Kawasaki Ultra 250x's and yet this particular salesperson didn't seem to care to research it for me. Doesn't say much for after sales service.

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    your welcome.
    And thank TeamMoto they have a great site for all kinds of neat mods for the ultra's

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