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    I Have Stage 1 In Rxp Now. What To Do Next?

    just bought rxp a week ago and have been out 3 times and i am ready to do some modding. i have a stage 1 now minus the pump wedge. should i get that to start? i am a big boy and i know that some people that were bigger this helped them out. any way i was thinking about a s/c impeller or wheel, opas block off, what else? i am 290 and i am always racing my buddies gp1300 he weighs 120 so i give up alot. right now on glass spedo says 72-73 and i can beat him by about 4-5 boats but he crushes me out of the hole. any thoughts

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    If it does not have metal washers, have Jerry put them in with a Grren SC wheel, RE Blockoffs, and wedge. You will be very pleased.

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    which blockoffs should i get? pro riva or regular?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TDSTYG View Post
    which blockoffs should i get? pro riva or regular?
    While regulars do look nice for their pricetag, many users on this forum seem shocked at the Pro Riva Blockoff's reduction in porpoising. Many have said it's the best upgrade they have done for their ski.

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    RE Blockoffs are best. I think the RE is "Race Engineering" but I don't know if Jerry can still get them. They extend all the way back vs. the Riva Pro.

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