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    Temp Sensor and Buzzer Questions

    So I found out from a buddy who I bought this ski from that the buzzewr wiring had been cut before he bought it. So I tore off the bar pad last night and hooked up the buzzer. Now, every time I stop it, like after running, or even just a few turn of the started the buzzer lets out a little chirp, is this as "test" to let me know its still functional or is something wrong? By the way, the ski is a 94 SL650.

    Also, the temp sensor has a BROWN wire and according to all I can find it should be connectd on the TAN pole in the electrical box, which goes directly to the buzzer. Is this correct? My assumption is that there is a mechanism that goes to ground when the system overheats and this completes the circuit.

    thanks for the help guys (and girls).


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    Dave my 92 SL650 does the same thing. When I idle real slow it chirps every once in a while. I just assumed it was low water flow through the motor and temp sensor was sensitive to it. Anyone else????

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    I'm not sure what is normal operation(if it has a test mode)(I think it would need to be wired to some sort of module). The temp sensor it self is the switch to ground,activates the buzzer when temp reaches a certain point.It could be tested like a t-stat in hot water.On my 96 SL700,the oil level sending unit was also attached to the tan terminal in elec box,could also activate the alarm.

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