I've been lurking here for a little while reading up whats good and what's not. I have found this place to be helpful and really addicting. I am definitely looking to do something this offseason, but not sure what... Is the above article true on pricing? I see this and know the composed date is a few years old, but i have also read a post from this site admin saying 35k, which imho is a joke for 300hp and neither price really correlates to the cost of mods for ballpark Hp.

I love the ride of my 01 gtx carbed, but would am finding that is not really in the game any more. I personally feel the hull is nicer than the rxt. I might keep it for another year or two if I can find some mods or kit that can get me pretty close to 70mph. Any suggestions?

I also woundn't mind hearing from you guys about resale. Do most buyers shy away from modded ski? Whats the public perception? If i know i am going to end up selling it, should i keep it stock and move on?

If i can't mod the GTX to 70mph (in all likelyhood), I am really interested in the rxp-x, or a used rxp and mod it to a stage 2+. All the site debating has put me up on limbo on this.

I am curious how many of you guys actually compete? I find myself always racing in my neck of the woods where my rxt riva s1 rules the roost (I know, I know, please don't laugh too hard). But it sure is fun and love competition.

I've seen the APBA web page and have a few questions. When racing the course, In the different classes such as stock, is it open to three seaters vs 2 or 1? How does that work? Just from reading, i see most skis are the 2 seaters. For the racers, is size and weight of the rider really important (I'm 6-2, 250 I know not ideal), but how important is it. It seems like the guy with the best wholeshot, ends up winning. So are the guys really gearing the skis for the launch and not top end?

What does the endurance consist of? i am hearing a six hour ride? Does that make sense. And if conditions are shitty, do most guys use three seaters? How does that work for gas and maintenance. Right now, i am really interested in this.

Finally with all the modding that can be done to the rxps and understanding that skis always needs love, at what level of modifications are the skis still pretty reliable, and when do the mods start to get radical where there is chance you may not make it back to the dock on any given outing?

i guess all of this will play into what i do this winter. Thanks for the info guys. Keep up the great posts!