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    GP1200 Guage Reset!

    Ok check this out!!!!

    Just purchased a guage for a ski we are working in, we put it in and displayed 55 hours on it. I created a tester to just power the guage out of the ski and accidently crossed a few wires and KAZAM! The guage now has 00.0 hours on it and works perfectly!!

    Im currently trying to figure out how it was crossed so I can test it out on one more 1200 guage we have and then I will let everyone know!

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    thats funny.Have you ran the boat and put hours on the guage to see if they move from '0' ?

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    But not for a full hour right now its at 00.7 but I will assume its fine!

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    The gauge you bought may have been faulty it might not have been the short.

    Interesting none the less

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    wish i can buy faulty gauges all the time!

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    so what happens if i bought a guage from like 4tec or riva the OEM would it be at 0 hours? or what would happen?!

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