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    Kawi starts with throttle depressed???

    doesn`t ultra 250 have flood mode?
    my buddy depressed the throttle all the way thinking that there is a flood mode and the ski took off like crazy ...PR...

    no he didn`t read the owners manual, I asked...

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    anybody know this???...PR...

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    My Ultra 150 will start with the throttle fully opened. I don't know about the 250, but if it happened to your friend, I guess they hold on tight !


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    Pale Rider,
    I tried it and your right! It starts in full throttle...I was experimenting with the way we were used to changing our SeaDoo oil and it doesn't work like that! Bummer...

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    Thanks guys! we wanted to crank the engine over in case water got into the intake, and before you know it, it took off ..., but it`s runing good now...
    that`s a pretty crappy feature if you ask me, what if someone unsuspecting pulls the finger throttle and hits the start button, you guessed it...PR...

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    Pale Rider...sounds like Ghost Rider if it'll just burst into wait...that wouldn't be cool.

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    I also was hoping it had the de-flood mode at WOT. My ski didn't start at that moment though, THANK GOD, cause I was hanging off the side with the seat off messing with spark plugs lol. I did have her in reverse just incase though.

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